My Bemidji: The Amenities


I moved to Bemidji in 2015 to pursue a career with established design firm Evolve Creative. Many of my friends and family though t I was crazy to move half-way across the state in the “wrong direction”. Admittedly, I had my trepidations, but one year later I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

With every trip back home to St. Cloud I delight in expounding on the many virtues Bemidji has to offer. Being a 20-something male this often revolves around the latest restaurants, shops and of course Bemidji Brewing. And we’re not talking lutefisk and plaid flannel shirts, people.

Bemidji has some really great locally owned restaurants with hip atmospheres, live music and modern, adventurous menus! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee shops, bakeries, burgers, BBQ, Thai, Italian, Mexican, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and more! Betcha didn’t know we had all THAT in Bemidji. We have chains too, if you’re into that kinda thing but I highly recommend trying a local spot.

If you’re a shopper, you’re wallet will probably leave Bemidji a little lighter than when you arrived. You’ll find no shortage of department stores in the Paul Bunyan Mall and North Western part of the city. However, I urge you to take a stroll downtown and experience the great local shops. There’s clothing to fit all styles, wall art, sculptures, books, chocolate, ice cream, craft beer and of course souvenirs for all your friends that are missing out on “B-Town.”

Come explore Bemidji and find your own reasons to call this place home! Stay tuned for a post on my favorite outdoor activities.

Downtown Bemidji Welcome Sign
downtown bemidji bemidji brewing
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My Bemidji: The Amenities